Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's Routine

Okay so today is Sunday.  My morning goes as follows:

I wake up and eat breakfast and drink my coffee, as I am doing that I am printing out my coupons for the day.  I look for them at night, but because my printer is in my bedroom I don't print until the next morning because of the baby.

I then go to the Italian deli down the street from my house and get two newspapers.  Generally I get one CT Post and one New Haven Register, but todays paper has 4 inserts and the New Haven Register only had 2 in them. 

Check all of your inserts to make sure they are there.  There is nothing worse than buying them only to realize that the coupons are not in there.

I got an extra score today, when I got home I realized that someone made a mistake stuffing the papers and one of my papers has 4 extra inserts!!!  WOOO HOOO Score me!  Especially because todays coupons are for things I use.

I then cut and organize.  I don't have a coupon binder so I put them into envelopes marked certain things.  Male personal, female personal, cleaning supplies, dental & hygiene, cat & dog, frozen goods, Target only, etc. When I am planning my shops I will then put my coupons in designated envelops with things I know I am going to buy.  For example, say I know Target has Caress on sale, if I have a Target and a Manu coupon I will put them in that folder.  It makes shopping trips quicker.

Here's todays tip for shopping:

DON'T BE THE COUPONER THAT THEY HATE.  Don't be a coupon crazy. Leave stuff for other shoppers, and make sure that you are prepared before you go in line.  This saves time and confusion.  If you have any B1G1 items, put those items last on the belt, so that if they need to find the price it is easily accessible.  If you are at a store where they are doubling coupons, give those coupons to them first, it makes it easier to make sure they are all doubling the way that they should.  Have everything prepared before you go in to make sure it is as smooth as possible!

-Happy Saving!

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