Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/31/2011 - ShopRite shop $7.90

I paid a total of $7.90 for this and got a $3 off my next purchase coupon and a free reusable bag!
The Degree was free.  I have enough now where, I only buy it if it's free.  Not cheap - free.  They were on sale for .99 cents a piece, I had 3 .75 cent off coupons which were doubled up to the price of the item. (7/31 SC)

8th Continent Soy Milk - Org. $3.79 on sale for $2.99 with 2 $2 off coupons making them .99 cents each. (

The Splenda boxes were origionally $5.09 - on sale for $4 and I had 3 $3 off coupons (which are only good for two weeks!!)  That made them each $1.  In addition to this they had a promotion that if you bought three you get $3 off your next purchase and a free reusable bag.  Essentially they were free. (7/31 SC)

The mustard was $1 with a .35 cent coupon doubled up to .70 cents - making it .30 cents. (man. website)

I did not have a coupon for the dishsoap but it was a good price at .89 cents.

Wise Chips - Org. 3.99 - on sale for 1.99 with a .50 cent coupon doubled to $1 making it .99 cents (man. website)

International Delight creamer - $1.25 on sale from $2.49, with a 55 cent coupon doubled to $1.10 - making it .15 cents!!

The steal in this trip was the Splenda!  Sale was at ShopRite for this price.  In order to get it so cheap you have to have 3 of those coupons from the Sunday paper.  

I saved a total of $29.68 in this trip!!

Links to some of the coupons from today's shop:

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