Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Staples Easy Rebate

So today, for the first time, I used Staples Easy Rebate online feature.  I generally don't shop at Staples because it is expensive.  But this time of year is their Christmas and they have great sales.

Using their Easy Rebate option was SUPER easy and user friendly. Even my MOTHER could do it! lol

When you make your purchase you will get a main receipt (which is good for the returns) and then you will get another recepit that prints out (one regular and one rebate form) per item which was purchased.  Today I got 3 items (2 SKUS which were rebate items.  On the second page you will see a REBATE OFFER NUMBER it will look lik 11-99999, and at the bottom of the receipt there will be a barcode with a 16 digit number underneath it. These are the only two items you will need.

If you get more than one of the item, when it is processing it will automatically rebate all of the items purchased. 

You press submit, enter your information and you are DONE!  There is also a PAYPAL option, you don't have to wait for a check/visa card - it will go directly into your paypal account. No getting lose in the mail!  I don't think that this will take less than the standard 4-6 weeks but anything electronic which does not cause me to have to go to the bank is easier!

The only thing I am not sure of yet is if you will get the WHOLE rebate if you use a coupon. I don't know if they will still give me the 5.49 rebate if 1.11 was taken off for a coupon, I am going to say NO, but that's okay because it's still a great deal anyway! 

Happy Shopping!


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