Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Weekend Prep for Couponing - Saturday

Saturday night, after the kids are asleep I browse though my circular for next week (all of the local grocery store ads get mailed to my house on Thursday).  I check online coupons for sale items, and browse my favorite couponing websites for a heads up on the circular coupons to start writing my shopping list.

Important thing to remember when couponing is NOT to stray from your list!  Go on a full belly so those chips that are $3.99 a bag doesn't look so enticing. Write a list of what you NEED for the week first, plan meals and snacks for the week a head of time, this will prevent last minute running to the stores.  Compare that list to what is on sale at your local grocery stores, and see which store has the best deal for what you need combing coupons and sale prices.

Don't forget to look at generic.  Some generic foods taste the same as the name brand and may be a considerable amount cheaper.  For example, canned vegetables.  You can get them for as low as 33 cents a can generic on sale vs $1 dollar a can + for the name brands.  Keep that in mind as you are shopping as well.  A good deal is a good deal, made better with coupons, but even if you don't have a coupon at the end of the day it is still a good deal.

Once again I reference - they already have the ads up on Saturday so you can do your prep.

Until tomorrow I bid you farewell and happy clipping!  Tomorrow I will post my Sunday prep!

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