Saturday, June 18, 2011

When life throws you lemons... Throw them bitches back!

So we are going to the park to take the kids portraits.  This title is how I am probably going to end up feeling by the end.  Having three children, ages 15 months - 5 years, sit still and SMILE ALL AT ONCE for pictures is easier said that done and a very tiring process.  But I am in a good mood today and it is beautiful out, so I have hope that they will be awesome today. 

If all else fails - BRIBE BRIBE BRIBE!  Bribe the baby with food and "ba" and bride the elder children with going to the park.  If they don't sit their asses still and smile - no park for them.  If the way my baby is acting now - this is going to be like pulling teeth.

Well wish me luck - off to shower and get children ready.  Ugh this is about a two hour process.  What fun what fun.

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